Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Flame tag

Marga passed this amazing tag to me.

The Flame of Friendship.
A symbol of spirit of unity.
The burning icon of love.
Undying picture of hope.
The hot symbol of oneness.
The Flame of Friendship.
And now it's your turn to flame yourself!
Meet new friends.
Discover friendship.
Make bonds.
Copy this post starting from the PICTURE ABOVE to the end and add your blog on the list below.

My Precious
Jean's Live it Up...
Sharz - Pangit's Journey In The States
JAM-Life:Thoughts & Inspirations
Filipino love stories
A Mom's Note
Tasteful Voyage
Twerlermz Blog
Cheerful's Journey
Marga - bLog k0 'toh
My JOurney
Celebrate Life
Deeply In love

Forward tag to:

Imelda, Nova, Catsy, Jhelea, and Juliet


jHeLea said...

his sis done with the tag...thanks so much

Nova said...

hi rose, i hope that one day muabot na jud imong fafaso, para naman maging masaya na kayong duha... toink!!! nag saksak ginagol nman noon ko uy.. pero i do hope and wish and pray nga muabot na jud siya diha sa imong dapit...

thanks for the tag and done this na.. check it here...