Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gamer guide

Are you addicted to online games? I do have a cousin that spends too much in front of his computer. I sometimes tease him that he looks like the character of his favorite games. Anyway my aunt told me that he was been addicted to online game way back in London. I remember he once asked me if I know a site where he can play online. I will for sure tell him about this site that I stumble while searching the net. I am pretty sure he will like the idea of getting Free Neocash card on the games he would play. Yes you read it right a gamer has a chance to win free gifts from the game you are playing. If you have a doubt you can visit The site does have a furom and testimony for those who doesn’t believed on what the site offers. You can also check their Game Guides and Hentai Download. So go hurry up…

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Unknown said...

Hi Rosemarie
I work for an online PR company that is currently promoting the Facebook game Life Changing Box. It is a game of luck where the players have a chance to win lots of cool prizes like a LCD TV, Yankees tickets, and trip to name a few. Its pretty awesome when an online games actually gives you the chance to win something! Let me know if you have any questions and pass the info along to your cousin!!
Abraham & Harrison