Thursday, May 1, 2008

Yummy mummy's blog

Another super mommy's blog. Yes you read it right a super mommy why? because she is working mom and at the same time blogger. Huh, I know being a mom is not that easy mother needs to have quality time with the kids. While scanning her post a picture grasp my attention it is a cute watch and I found out that it is an anniversary present from her hubby. Ohh, I envy this fellow **winks**. Anyway if you came across to yummy mummy's place please do vote for her reviews which will be seen on the later part of her blog side bar. Ohh... the blog is all about being a new mummy, rants on her daily activities, , her obsession, anything and everything about being a yummy mummy. She is also giving tips on how to be a good mother to her fellow new mommies. What more I can say? I salute you yummy mummy.

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