Friday, May 30, 2008

Photo software for professionals photographers

Honestly, I love to see those lovely photos taken by my blogger friends. I do love photography and I admit I am not that good like my friends. But I am willing to know the right technique on how to capture a good picture. Anyway, if you are a professional photographer I am definitely sure you would like to check this site called Through this site you can see some essential tools for the serious photographer and Photo Software . They have unique Photographer’s data guide like fingertips, including depth of field, hyperfcal distance, angle f view and many other optical calculations for still photographers. The site also offers different tools for their client. Their available products that you can choice from are grey card, sun and moon, camera palm, camera pocket pc, camera windows and camera mac. The sites also have an array of downloadable software and give you a chance to win CD when you tell to your friend about this software. So, I am calling all professionals photographers to visit the site.

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