Monday, May 26, 2008

My wildest dream vacation

One of my wildest dream is to travel around the around. I don’t know maybe because I usually don’t travel a lot that is why I am fantasizing it. I would definitely visit New York if given a chance. I’d love to see the Statue of Liberty which a gift of international friendship from the people of France to the people of United States as a symbol of political freedom and democracy. I will for sure take a picture of it.There is actually many Things to do in New York City that I would like to try.
I also love to visit San Francisco and visit World Disney. There are also many things to do in San Francisco that will for sure enjoy. I will also definitely try the sightseeing tours that I remember when my share here experience on there vacation to San Francisco my cousin really enjoyed riding the entire ride that he try in World Disney. My son will for sure enjoy it too when we got there. Huh, I really need to save some bucks to make this wildest dream of mine come true. Anyway if you sigh up at newsletter you will have a chance to win $150 itunes gift card so hurry up before this great offers end.

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Nova said...

ahay day..kiata jud uy..taas na jud unta akong sugilanon nga gisuwat diri, toink! sa dihang pag-submit nko kay duplicate daw.. pag-back nko..nawala na maong ulit npud ko..

thanks ayo ha? mao jud ni akong gikabisihan last weekend maong kinahanglan nga akong apason.. i'm not sure ug nakita na niya, pero iyang sister akoa ng gihatagan ug link...

about sa imong question: mularga nko mga petsa 20 na karong June puhon.... ahay. mingaw na kaayo ko ba masking wa ko gahuna-huna day..
mixed emotion jud day..

kamo sa imong fafa? musta naman mo?