Thursday, May 1, 2008

Iron man's armor

I love to visit other blog because it help me gain good blog traffic and I sometimes read blog contest and I find it cool.I sometimes join blog contest hoping to win the prize at stake. And while surfing the net I came across this blog that the domain is a prize in one of the contest that the author joined. How I wish I could win a domain in a contest so that I don't need to pay some amount which i did in this blog. Back to the blog author it always amazed me whenever I stumble to a male blogger because almost of the blogger I know is mostly females. the blog owner is from Portugal a 31 years old. The blog is about internet, movies, blogs, pictures, reviews, travel and many more. One of the post that the author posted about movies is the Iron Man's Armor. Anyway the blog look great although the author is a guy.

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