Saturday, May 24, 2008

Girlie tag

Got this girlie tag from Ma'am Imelda.... And I am passing it to Jean, Helen, Jhona, and Gagay

My Foundation: None, I use Johnson&Johnson face powder
My Mascara: I don't use mascara
My Blush: Blush on's from San-san
My Day Cream: None.
My Lipstick: Avon and San-san
My Essential Beauty Product: I can use any beauty product
My favorite Make-up product: Nothing in particular
My Perfume: I am now using Victoria Secret, often I use Johnson&Johnson baby cologne
My Nails: I do the polishing of my nails **winks**
My Feet: I love Victoria Secret and Johnson&Johnson
My hands: Same with my feet.
Women I admire for their beauty: I admire Julia Roberts, for local I go Bea Veloso
Women with the best Sense of Style: Many to mention

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