Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Migraine , anyone?

Migraine strikes me again. The doctor's says my migraine will hit me when I am stressed or my friend that visit me every month is coming. I must admit I am a bit stressed and my friend's visit is coming anytime soon. I am having difficulty in chasing opps at triple P, the other night they give away opps early in the evening and when I login to my dashboard all are Grey. Huh, let see if I will be lucky today to grab some?


rojoy said...

hello Sister Rose, same here poor me all tasks are already been grab by the time I come home. I am hungry for tasks na. Kaw take it easy ka lucky me pag c Aunt Flo bibisita sa'kin parang wala lang, no pain, lucky me I can say. aunt flo onlys stays for couple days. hehehehhe

Call Me Steph said...

I hear you. I get migranes too once in while and I know when its coming, and boy I hate it. My only cure is my dark quiet bed room and my soft pillows - nap for an hour and migrane is gone. I can only tolerate minor headaches but not migrane - too much of pain for me, hehe.