Sunday, April 27, 2008

Love to travel

It is my dream to travel to many places. Who would not love to travel and visit nice places anyway? Only problem is that my finances don't allow me to enjoy travelling for I have other priorities than visiting to other places. I know that someday this dream of mine will come into reality. And when that time comes I want it to spend with my future hubby. Isn't romantic? I will for sure treasure that time. Anyway I am considering to visit San Diego it seems that this place has a lot to offer. Some says that a nightlife in San Diego is really superb. So I think it is more romantic if you have your love one with you enjoying.

My last travel away from home was last year when we had our enhancement training in Cebu City. It is not actually a pleasure trip but I enjoyed that travel though it was not my first time to visit the place as I used to go there to visit my ex-boyfriend who is the father of my adorable son.

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