Thursday, April 24, 2008

Long Q&A

Ate Liz tagged me with this long tag but I enjoy answer it. Sorry big sis ha medyo late na. This tag is actually assigned to my Celebrate life blog.

  1. What's the connection between you and the last person you texted?- its my sister
  2. What is wrong with you right now?- nothing for now
  3. Do you ever miss your first love?-No, and why should I?
  4. When did you last cry?- Last week, having a quarrel to my love **winks**
  5. What do you hate?- I hate back bitters
  6. What do you want in your life right now?- Worry free,
  7. Are you happy?- yes.....
  8. What are you listening to?- I am listening to Willie Revillame host of Wowowee
  9. What do you smell like?- my conditioner and soap
  10. What time do you go to bed?- around 10 pm
  11. Who was the last person in your bed besides you? My son and my niece
  12. What do you wear to bed?- depend on my mood but decent since i sleep with my kid
  13. Do you tend to make relationships complicated?- Ohhhh.. a big NO
  14. What did you do yesterday?- Stay at home and sleep
  15. What was the last movie you went to?- Supafafalicious of Bong Navarro
  16. Is your shirt new?- Nope
  17. Do you live near your ex boyfriend/girlfriend?- Yes hehehehe...He is the father of my son
  18. Are you scared of bugs?- it depends...
  19. How was your day today?- great!
  20. What do you think of Eminem?- teens like there song
  21. Do you read?- of course
  22. Do you sleep with a teddy bear?- not now kasi nasira sya minsan ng anak ko ginawa ba namang kabayo. wawa naman bigay yun ng love ko
  23. Do you like anyone right now?- I think so
  24. Are you bored?- not really...
  25. What are you excited about?- my love's visit na hindi matuloy-tuloy, diba nakakainis?
  26. Who was last person to cook for you?- myself hehehee
  27. Who was your last text message from?- from my sister
  28. Who was the last person to make you cry? huh, my love
  29. Name someone whose name starts with the letter P?- Patrick my brother
  30. Do you care what others think about you?- sometimes
  31. Have you ever been in love?- Yes
  32. Do you trust people easily?- Sometimes
  33. Do you think you'll be married in 10 years?- I really hope so. keeping my fingers cross
  34. Will you ever kiss the last person you kissed again?- ano?
  35. What do you look forward to in the next 3 months?- Be with my love
  36. Who was the last person to call you?- my love, he is actually my constant caller
  37. Do you plan on moving out within the next year?- I really hope so
  38. What happened at 10:00 am today?- I was in the bed sleeping

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