Sunday, March 9, 2008

someone send me a ban

Good morning fellow bloggers!!! How's your weekend? Me nothing really exciting happened on my blogging. Especially that someone send me a ban in my PPP profile. I feel sad when I saw that I have 1 ban and this only means that it can affect my ppp rank. Hay.. I don't understand why other people don't want to be happy if someone is doing good in this blogging. Anyway I will be off from 8 am to 6pm my time as our electric power will be off during that time.


Shimumsy said...

hi there,
i'm a new visitor here. hope you care to exchange links?

have a happy monday.

Jojo said...

Wow ganun ba sis? Why do they do that?

I got approved today. I was surprised kasi 2 months pa blog ko. I hope I can get some opps.

Take care.

Tey said...

Whta's a ban? How can someone send you you a ban? Thats is so rude.. Well you know what, you cannot really avoid people to be very jealous...

imelda said...

Ban, what's that? I only know nutri-ban way back in elementary school, hehehe. Who sent u that? Anyway, stay beautiful and poised, it's the best thing to do at this time.