Monday, March 10, 2008

How to improve Page Rank

Everybody in the blogosphere is going crazy whenever the Google updates each blog page rank. And during their last update I am one of those who are unlucky to be given a zero page rank. To earn my page rank back I tried to search on the net how to get a good page rank and here is what I got.

Submit to Web Directories

Submitting your site to some directories is one the good technique to increase your page rank and you can also get some traffic. I know doing this is kind of time consuming, just don’t think how long you need to sit down and browsing those available directories. Try to find directories that have high page rank or else it will be a waste of time if your site will be listed to low PR.

Forum Signatures

If you are a member of any active forum you can also use signatures that will redirect to your website. More if this forum has a higher page rank.

Back Links/ Link Exchange

Is the easiest and the normal way of getting a higher page rank more especially if the website that is linking back to you has a higher PR. Having a back links of 4 sites with a zero PR is not of any help of you. Better to have a one back link with a PR of 3 for this site can share the PR to your site.

Choice a Relevant Topic

Try to post good topic, this will make you readers to keep on coming back to your site. By doing this, you will get unique visitors and goggle is checking this.

Buy Links

If you have the money you can buy links to those sites that have higher page rank.

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imelda said...

Very informative blog post. I wana have a higher page rank, too, who does not want it? Lot, help me how.Pls?