Saturday, March 8, 2008

Heavy son

Yay, Justin Aiken is now sitting on my lap and he is making my legs hurt. Why? It is because he weighs 18.5 kilos at the age of 3 years old and one month. His pediatrician said that he is over weight. Thanks God he is a tall boy that is why he not look like an overweight baby. Ohh… boy he don’t want when somebody call him baby. If you do he will for sure correct you to call him Kuya Justin. I was really surprised when he started acting like that because no one in the family teaches him to be called Kuya. Will I guess time to accept that my baby is now a grown up little kid.

Anyway time to talk about cosmetic plastic surgery , we know that some the celebrity undergo this kind of surgery when they see sign of aging on their face. Argh… I now see sign of aging near to my eyes although I don’t have any plan to undergo plastic surgery yet or in the near future but I am willing if I need to.

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