Sunday, February 17, 2008

Yay, im getting emo

I know I am not perfect I do have some flaws, stubborn sometimes. And heck my mind can be ghastly that I sometimes think ahead of many things more especially on personal side. I know for that fact that occasionally this will not be of help to me the worse thing is this might lead to something that I well regret in the future.

Anyway this is my place in the World Wide Web so I think I am allowed to be a little emo here. I have been dreaming of something and because of some circumstances that is why until now I am still dreaming to grasp that dream. Nevertheless, I know that life isn’t always perfect and there are times that we need to dwell to those unexpected situations. I have been in times that I wanted to lose hoping that I can take hold of that dream I have been longing for. Thanks God for he always there to give lights into my mind. And thanks to my heart for always in the higher position that my head. After having my son without his father beside me from then on I knew that life will not be easy for me and I learned to accept that fact.

My son made me a better and stronger. He gives me happiness to those lonely moments. My son was my strength. And here comes the second chance of loving someone. It made me happier, stronger, and a better person. Whoosh…. too much emo here….


Nova said...

heya girl, i'm sorry for all the delays that the time is given you, well, it might be sooooooo snail but i'm sure everything will be planned by God in the right time and at the right place too...

and when the time comes? surely it will be totally a BLAST!!!.. just dont lose your hope and hope for more, have a stronger faith girl, that will definitely help you from those dreams you want to aim..

i hope, sooner you'll meet your lover para lingaw ug sadya jud ka day... and i'm so happy for you too... *hugs*

marie said...

Everything has a purpose perfectly designed by God. I wish you all the best. Thanks for fropping by my site.

Marie said...

Sometimes we need to put contrast in our lives. Being emo is normal :) hope things will get better soon! ;)

take care!