Thursday, February 7, 2008

what'z paypal

I dont know what is wrong to paypal now I withdraw last January 31 and until now it is still pending. I should have the money on eon account now. Too bad i really need the money now and I am not sure when I can have it. I only found it this morning when i saw a blog post about having difficulty on withdrawing the fund from paypal so i hurriredly log in to my account and bingo i my withdrawal is still pending.


rojoy said...

Hi Rose that's one thing on paypal if you transfre your money to another account it will take 3 days to show up. Much better you withdraw the money, I know you are trying to avoid the charges but when it comes for emergency reason, never mine the charges.

Nova said...

I haven't tried to withdraw in paypal, well since i needed money so badly as well, would u help me rosey? please give me a buzz kung online ka day...

salamat diay sa imong often pag sige bisita sa akoang balay.. karon ako napud ang magsige sinamok nimo? aha naman ka uy... buzz me ha>?