Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday rambling

My feeling this week was a total roller coaster. Early this week i was chaos cos of this bad headache (i thought so) but turn out to be a migraine when i visited an specialist because this headache made me vomit sometimes. Good thing my love advice me to seek a professional help cos i also need to wear glasses again.

Next is we had some misunderstanding with my love but good thing we are doing okay now. I know i am sometimes stubborn that I have a tendency to make a small problem into a big one. Hay.... i blame this to my PMS. sisihin ba naman ang walang muwang. hahahaha...Anyway we are at my sister's place again to attend the funeral and help her with her task cos we know she will be the one cooking.

When we get home my sister in law was having her labor. So my mother decided to bring her to the hospital and this morning a cute baby girl was born. huh, another girl in the family. I hope I can post some pic of the baby. I am planning to fix someone's blog.


rojoy said...

Oh buzzy bee ka talaga Rose ha, ingat ka lgi

Prettymom said...

i will ate joy thanks for dropping by