Saturday, January 12, 2008

yeheyy....i got.. new domain and new theme thanks to Irel thanks to you gurl you make my wish come true. you really had a great job sister. just love the header which have my picture with my son when he turn 1 year old. anyway i really hope i will earn some in this blog. i am looking forward for that. i am now also using my new computer table. the pain color is pink but too bad the paint i bought is not good. well, dont blame for i dont know anything about paint hehehhe...


Skippyheart said...

uuyyy Congats on the new very cool domain name and I like it...fits you so well :)

Na update ko na URL mo on both of my blogs. Have a nice weekend pretty rosemarie. Take care always.

Prettymom said...

thanks becca

Unknown said...

Hello Rosemarie,

congrats to your domain!

keep it going!thanx for informing me. :)

why singlemom pala?the title of your page?

if ever you are a pro blogger,you might be interested in reading THIS POST

Thanx and happy weekend!