Sunday, January 20, 2008 for a good wine recommendation

Who would not like to have a great blend of while? Wine is always in the table whenever an especial dinner is set in the table. You can see lot of wine that is available in the market. But for someone who is a wine illiterate like me, how will we know which wine has a great taste and blend? I think receiving recommendation will be a great help. I saw this site that specialize wine tasting. they have this unique tasteId that gives you an accurate personalized recommendation of red wine, white wine, merlot and chardonnay. For you to have great recommendations, you need to know what you like and how you understand it. selected the most popular wine, inexpensive, ready available wines. If you are one of those who is having trouble choosing what wine to buy or serve to your visitor don’t look any further visit to have a good wine.

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BillF said...

Winescorecard also offers a similar service for personalized wine recommendations. They call your history your palate print. I've had good luck with it - finding a number of interesting wines based on its recommendations.