Monday, January 14, 2008

tagged from ate joy

Ate Joy a friendster friend turn to be a blogger friend now tagged me with this q of 10. i am passing this tag to Catsy, Jhona, and Rebecca

1. I love to eat: anything that my taste bud loves
2. I hate to eat: smelly foods
3. I love to go: chat with my love, read pocketbooks,
4. I hate to go: and logout whenever i and my love finish chatting
5. I love it when: my love shows how much i mean to him, and when my son hug me
6. I hate it when: i can't chat to my love, my connection is bad
7. I love to see: my love on cam
8. I hate to see: see my self in the mirror cos im gaining weight
9. I love to hear: my loves voice over the phone
10. I hate to hear: bad gossip

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