Tuesday, January 15, 2008


One of my friendster friends is the person behind my blogging. She told me that I can earn through blogging. But then she introduce me to do some survey I tried that approach of earning online, problem is it takes months of months before I received payment from them beucase I need to met the amount quota. Until now I haven’t receive any payment doing survey. From then I was addicted blog hopping until I noticed that almost all the blogs I visited have this smorty badges. I am astonished to know that I can get paid for blogging. At first I did have a second thought to join but heck no one can stop me and I told to my self why not try. Anyway there is no harm in trying, I try to submit my first blog it was declined twice but when I started accepting task that was the time I started to believed that I can actually earn through my blog. I will recommend those blogger who want to earn money online to try smorty. You can click my banner and viola start start receiving payment through paypal.

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