Tuesday, January 8, 2008

morning rants

hallo guys how is your morning mine i really great. i able to reach my minimum ppp task last night. and i can still see those white opps avaialbe for me at nadagdagan pa ng 2 hay...i wish i can pull the clock para pd na uli ako magkagrab. hay kailangan ko pang magantay ng 6 hours.hehehehe...anyway finally nakabili na ako ng bago kung keyboard, would u believed for few months i just used my cousin's keyboard. im happy na i can now used the money which i gain through blogging. bibili na ako na sariling domain ko para dito. its sana kumita din and blog na ito soon. im getting excited talaga.hehehehe....yesterday i bought the bike, pambahay ni lyndon at justin and some baby stuff and that is also from blogging money. hay gabeh for got to buy gift for trisia's birthday today. i hope i can buy a good at our town market.

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