Thursday, January 31, 2008

hair restoration

Are you needed of hair restoration? Then, don’t look any further because San Francisco hair restoration is the answer to your problem. offer facial plastic surgery and hair transplantation. The Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery Medical Clinic was founded by Dr. Kabaker for more than 30 years now and one of the more trusted surgeries in San Francisco. Dr. Kabaker is recognized around the world as an expert in hair restoration a scalp reconstruction, and provides a full range of facial surgical services. Recently he was joined by Dr. Hicks who is an expertise in all aspect of rhinoplasty and facial rejuvenation surgeries and treatment.

You can also check out there site to see some testimony from previous patients and photo gallery. If you are getting bald what are you waiting for visit to have a hair restoration and start enjoying you new hair and looks with the help Dr. Kabaker and Dr. Hicks.

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