Saturday, January 19, 2008

bad saturday

How is your weekend fellow blogger. Will mine is not good, i had our regular session this morning and our SK Chairwoman made my day worse. The story goes this way. When i give our extra cash gift i forgot to include her in the payroll which means she was not also included in the amount i encashed. During our last session she saw that i let the other council member signed the payroll and she saw that her name was not there.

Few days after our regular session her mother approached me and asked if her daughter (sk chairwoman) why she was not included at the cash gift. I honestly said I forgot to include her and said ill just give the money (Php130.00) and that is from my pocket since it was my fault. i did not say anything bad anyway it was my fault. When i get home i asked my older brother to hand the money to out sk chairwoman.

This morning during our regular session she opened it to the council, in fact some of the council member knew my mistake and it is not a big deal anyway. I told her I already gave the money to her and then I also said it’s my fault. But she kept on bla bla if I corrupted the 130 pesos, for Christ sake that's a small amount. Then she also told me that she has been hearing rumors about I am mad for paying her that amount. I told her that I don't have any right to get mad or blame anyone cos it was really my fault. I asked her who passed that rumor to her so I could confront that person involved but she said no need. Why in heaven she said that? Will she said cos the person is not in the council so does her mother. So I told that her mother is not a council member too but she was one approached me when in fact she can asked me right away, I mean our sk chairwoman. I mean during our last session when she saw that her name was not included. But seems she don't want to listen my explanation.

Our chairman asked us to shut up and he proceeds to the next agenda. Although it was again my well I shut up. So when the chairman call the session adjourned and made a high voice saying why they making my mistake a big deal. As if I will be rich of 130 pesos, and told her it’s her mother who is the corrupted when she was the chairwoman in our barangay. Than I go out from the session hall but kept on talking. hahahaha... anyway my friend told me that our sk chairwoman was crying. Will maybe cos she knew now that her loving mother is corrupted. Anyway I am ready if they want any confrontation. Tell me friend, am I the bad one here?


rojoy said...

You know what Rose sometimes people do mistakes. As you said once she noticed that her name was not on the list why not ask you why? An sk-chairwoman act like that she doesn't deserve to be. My brother used to be a sk-chairperson most of the time he doesn't get paid but you know what he never complain. Because for him he is serving the barangay it doesn't mean he should be get paid.

Prettymom said...

salamat sa imo comments ate joy.

Pretty Life Online said...

lol! it was just a petty quarrel... girl, sorry I edited it before but maybe i wasn't able to save it... now sure na! hehehehe