Friday, December 21, 2007


yay, its been days since i last update here. your's truly been so busy and now i am a little bit sick. and bad thing is i not able to catch up the 5th morning mass. 'twas raining outside and i not want to get sick. anyway i saw this video at youtube. this video makes me proud to be a filipino. i tears flow on my check when charice finished her song and the audience made a standing ovation. isn't great? watch the video see it for your self. enjoy watching.


Norm said...

ya! ako diay proud kaayo imagine napakabata pa niya napansin na sa ibang bansa grabing blessings talaga ni charice. By the way, thanks for the visit and happy weekend

Liz said...

I saw a glimpse of the show, she was singing I will always love you. She was really good, ganda ng boses. Someone to be really proud of.