Monday, December 24, 2007

good morning

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hello bloggers friends good morning its 1 day to go and its Christmas. Finally i am done buying buying to my son nephew and nieces thanks to my love. **winks**. they are asking who gave the gift but i said its not for them its for the barangay constituents like before ng gumawa ako ng mga gifts.hehehe..


Skippyheart said...

Wow, ang ganda naman nyang wreath gif image na yan...:)

Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas week ahead to you and your family dear Rosemarie! :)

Norm said...

May the spirit of the season surround you this Christmas with love, laughter and merriment..By the way, I got tag for you.

Prettymom said...

thanks becca and norm for leaving a wonderful greetings comments.