Wednesday, November 14, 2007

what i do to stop her

Yesterday, my good friend who is now working abroad. In Hongkong to be precise. She did talked to this friend of mine. I was just thinking she will only say hi since my mother know this friend of mine. But to my surprised she asked if my friend know anyone that is hiring house help. It really made me worry cos she have been working hard for us. And i want her to just enjoy her life and to be us. What made me more worried is about her health. She already have an asthma she get this while in Qatar. When i asked her why she need top work abroad is because this time she needs to do because of herself. She want to finish our house. She is thinking she can't do that if she will not work again. It really hits my heart how i wish i can do this for her. But i know i can help her with this but not in the near future.

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