Wednesday, November 28, 2007

thank you

Thank you...Thank you..thank you... yes you read it right I mention thank you 3 times. why not? my other blog was accepted by PPP. i just hope that my page rank will stay at PR3. I really need this PR3 this time. Anyway i manage to grab 3 opps from them hope maaprove lahat. I hope i still have other blog so I can grab some opps. I still have one opps to do from smorty i have it reserve this morning but my brain is drained wala pa akung maisip how to do the opp..


Tey said...

i can feel some blog addiction from you rose..lols...very much how I feel that why I am making another blog, I might pay for a domain for this para walng addicted to blogging and money...nothing wrong naman di ba?

Prettymom said...

oo naman tey nothing wrong in manking maney you mean pag own domain gamit mo u walang limitation?