Thursday, November 8, 2007

measle shot

My little boy had another measles shot this morning. While waiting for the doctor, nurse or midwife he was telling me that he doesn’t want to be injected or else he will cry. Oohh poor baby he really afraid of needle and I understand him cos at my age I still afraid of my needles. I just remember my pre-natal when Justin Aiken was in my womb. Go back to my son I really want him to be the first in line so he will not be frightened so much. Too bad our health worker didn’t have any number to give to those who arrive with their kids. Luckily I still had my son first in line. And I can tell that my son was really afraid cos I feel the beat of his heart. And after that I heard a loud cry. That was my son’s cry and then he immediately asked for an ice drop what a great way to make him stop crying.

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