Tuesday, November 27, 2007

2 in a row

I am chatting to my love this morning and yahoo just mess up. I got disconnected and can not sign in back again. How I wish i have another messeger downloaded to my pc so we have another option if yahoo is not good. Before i have msn and we often use it when yahoo is messing up. But my pc had a virus from msn so i decided to delete it and did not dare to download it again.

I also had 2 opps this morning and because my ps is too slow i did not available to grab it. I am really disappointed cos it cost $9 dollar. hmhmhmh i how i wish this blog is eligible to take some opps so that I can reserve it here. And no more opps followed after the 2 opps that I manage to grab one and loss the other one.


yay, what is going on with my cbox? I can open the url through my cbox i only see the page inside the cbox. And then i have a visitor that want an x-link but she said she read that i am not accepthing x-links. boy.... what is going on with this blog of mine. I hope it will be back to the way is used to be. If not i can not blog hop from my cbox visitors and it is really frustrating for my side.

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