Sunday, January 1, 2017

Need Some Help Planning Your Days? Here Are A Few Useful Tips

In life, preparation is key. We all have things to do every day, and how we get through them depends, in no small part, on how prepared we are. When you have a job interview, you're more likely to get the job if you show up well-groomed, answer questions coherently and are positive. That's just one example of how being prepared helps.

Of course, being prepared and organized is easier for some than it is for others. I know only too well that there are areas I struggle with. But if you're going to get through a day then you - we - need to look at how to approach it for the best results. From morning through to night, having a plan of action helps.

Get Up, Get Out And Get Things Done

Writing things down helps you store them in your memory

The night before you know you need to do something, it's good to make a to-do list. It's ideal to do it then, particularly if you're not a morning person (this applies to a lot of us). The day that's just gone will be fresh in your mind, and things you need to buy or arrange will suggest themselves more easily. Also, it gives your mind the chance to bed that information in.

Carry A Kit Of Essentials

Whether you carry a handbag or a briefcase, you should always make sure it has some vital items inside. Your phone or iPad, of course, as well as any medication you need to take. A purse or wallet is essential, as are your keys.

Make sure your bag is packed before you start your day

Some other items that aren't so obvious include a bottle of water. How else will you swallow any tablets? Also, a power bank as recommended by iThingum. You might not be near a socket when your iPad or phone needs charged, after all.

Group Your Tasks Together

We all know that some tasks are higher-priority than others. This doesn't mean, though, that the lower-priority ones should be left for later. If you have to attend a doctor's appointment (vital), and the surgery is next to a post office, then take the chance to buy stamps. Even if you don't need them right now, it's better than waiting until you do. It will also save you crisscrossing the town and using up more time if you plan tasks out geographically like this.

Keep A Week Planner

If you plan your week, you can make amendments where necessary

If you plan your day in advance, you will get more done and have a more organized life. But we all know that sometimes, events overtake us, and we can't get everything done. By keeping a week planner, you can bump some of the non-essentials to a day later in the week. So you can say to yourself "there's no time today to buy milk, but I'll be in town on Wednesday anyway. I'll pick it up after my meeting.

Of course, as we know, sometimes all of the above is more easily said than done. All we can do is aim to plan things out better. And hopefully, before too long, it will become a habit.


Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Holistic Garden: Let Nothing Green Go To Waste

What does the word "holistic" conjure up when you hear it? This question is worth asking because the chances are that if you asked a hundred people, more than half would say something about therapy. While there's nothing wrong with that - holistic treatments certainly do exist - it only covers part of the meaning.

A functional definition of the term is that it has to do with the “whole of the thing”. So holistic therapy, for example, looks to treat a problem with your health by looking at your body and mind together. But you can take a holistic approach to anything. You may boost your earnings by getting a better education. You can make your relationships better by working on making yourself happy, and so on.
Image from Pixabay

Although the word "holistic" is not in and of itself a "hippie" word, it does keep coming back up in that context. And it has to do with what I want to talk about here, which is your garden. We all spend some time trying to get our gardens right. And I would say that a holistic approach is the best way to do that.

What Is A Holistic Garden?

Sorting out your garden is a process which necessarily creates a lot of by-products. You'll have to remove some things that are in the way, tidy up what is left behind and put new things in. If you take a separate approach, at the end you'll have a lot of by-products. But if you take a holistic approach, you can re-use a lot of what would be left over to clutter up your backyard.

How Does That Work In Practice?

The first part of working on your garden is removing things that are in the way - this can be old ornaments or plants you no longer need. Now, some of the former will need to be disposed of. But for the latter, you are left with organic plant material which can be turned into compost. This can then be used in your garden. Rather than wasting things, you are reusing them.

Image from Flickr

Some ornaments, or garden furniture, will be worth upcycling into something new, too. It all depends on how much effort you want to go to.

The More You Use, The Less You Throw Away

As part of fixing your garden, you'll need to mow the lawn. Once you've checked out the likes of Lawn Mower Lane for the right mower, you can get going on this. A useful thing to remember is that mown grass can be used as mulch - beneficial for the soil around any small trees or large plants.

You may even find uses for the containers that you have bought equipment in. Bags from your topsoil can be utilized as a base for a gravel pit. Tubs which contained paint or varnish can become planters once washed out. If you're looking at a shabby chic approach, this can be bang on brand for you.

The advantage of a holistic approach - to anything you can think of - is that it leaves you without as many loose ends to fix up. When you look at it that way, it becomes a really attractive way to live life.


Happy Holidays!

FYI! This is an overdue post. So bear with my guys.

So how was your Christmas go? As for my end, our Christmas is different than the usual. It was not just a simple celebration of Jesus birth but also the 40 days death anniversary of my Lola. Our plan of having a Christmas Party was not materialized because we feel that it is not yet proper to celebratie Christmas the way we planned it to be. Hopefully, the celebration that I and my cousins are planning will happen next year. Well, it is still a long way so we still have a lot of time to plan and prepare for next year's holiday season.

For 10 years now, we usually invite my Uncles who are living next to our house and there families to celebrate Christmas with us. We had less preparation this time. Perhaps it because it is the first Christmas without Lola.

Nonetheless,I am still thankful for all the blessings that the Lord Almighty bestowed to me and my family.


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Is Your Company The Kind Of Place Where People Are Dying To Work?

coffee-work-desk-mug-keyboard-162616.jpeg Image Credit Pexels 

There are many missions inherent in building a strong business. One which can be particularly challenging is that of finding the right employees to work for you. This is often a matter of having to sift through a great many candidates until you finally arrive at the right one. But what if you are not getting enough applicants in the first place? This can happen even to the most well-established businesses, and it is always something of a blow. If you are finding that you are not getting high numbers of applicants anymore, it might be a case of not offering enough to your employees. In this article, we are going to attempt to rectify that by turning your business into one which people are happy to want to work for. Let’s see how you might do that.

Good Branding

The first thing that potential employees will come across in relation to your business is the branding. We often think of branding as something we do for the benefit of customers; but it is also for the benefit of potential employees too. With a good brand image, people are much more likely to want to work for your business. Most people feel the need to be proud of the company they work for, and this is significantly easier to do if the public perception of that company is positive. So before you even start hiring new people, take a look at the branding to see if you can’t improve upon it. Chances are, there is something you can do to make it more positive and engaging.

pexels-photo.jpg Image Credit Pexels 

While the pay you offer your employees is by no means everything, it is fair to say that it is a highly important aspect of the whole thing. After all, if nothing else, potential employees need to plan their life, and for that they need to know what they can expect to earn with your company. With that in mind, remember that you need to offer competitive rates of pay for all of your positions. Remember that this is just as much in your own interest as theirs. The more competitive you are in this regard, the more people you will have flocking in, and that will help the development of your business greatly. Of course, to be competitive, you need to know what you are competing against, and for that you need to know what other companies are offering their employees for the same or similar roles. The process of salary benchmarking is therefore likely to prove central to your recruitment process, as it can tell you what other companies are offering in comparison to you.

Wide Range Of Benefits

But it’s not just the pay that people are looking for. There are many aspects that your potential employees will be looking for, and pay is just one of them - albeit perhaps one of the most important ones. Another thing you need to keep a close eye on is what benefits you are offering to your staff. This is another area in which you need to be as competitive as possible, as the benefits you offer are likely to be one of the major things that your employees look for in your business. There are all sorts of benefits that you can offer, and which to go for depends largely on the nature of your business. But most of all, you should make sure that you are offering a wide range of different benefit types. The wider the amount of benefits you are offering, the more impressed people are likely to be with your company on the whole.

Image Credit Pexels 

Opportunity To Advance

There are very few people out there who are happy being in dead-end jobs. This is likely to be true for your workforce as much as anyone else’s. When people are deliberating between jobs, one thing they are always likely to take into consideration is how well they can advance from the initial role. This is hugely important to a great many people, because they want to feel that they are able to get ahead in their new role. You need to display, therefore, that your company offers an easy opportunity to advance. Without this, you are much less likely to get quite as many applicants showing  a keen interest in your business. The best way to advertise this fact, of course, is for it to be an inherent part of how you do this. Make sure you genuinely offer people in your employ the opportunity to advance; this is the best advertisement of all.

Positive Working Culture

It helps hugely if the working culture within your business is as positive as possible. Generally, there are some essential things that people are always looking for in a workplace when they get a new job. Most of all, you will find that employees want the communication in the workplace to be as open and honest as possible. This ensures that everyone feels respected and listened to, for a start, and it also means that your employees can enjoy their day-to-day work. This alone is hugely important.

people-coffee-tea-meeting.jpg Image Credit Pexels

Good Quality Of Life

Tied up with the notion of a positive working culture is the idea that your employees probably want a decent quality of life. This can be difficult to absolutely ensure, of course, but it is important if you want to draw in greater and greater numbers for your applications. Achieving this is a matter of getting many diverse elements right all at once. You need to make sure that you are giving your employees the opportunity to live the kind of life they want to live, regardless of what role they have. This alone will do wonders for drawing in greater numbers of interested applicants. It also helps to find ways to show a unique kind of character within your business, as this will make people want to work for you much more readily. With that in mind, be sure to advertise the kind of people who tend to work for you already.


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Snip, Snip: Set Up As A Mobile Hairdresser And Restyle Your Life

If you’re a hairdresser tired of your regular job working at the salon, or you’re just interested in setting up your own business, mobile hairdressing might be just the business for you. One of the great things about the job is that you’re not fixed to one particular location. Instead, you get to travel around, meeting new people and making a list of amazing clients who will come back time and time again.

Getting to that point, however, can be a challenge. So it’s important you know what you’re doing before you get started. Here’s how to set up as a mobile hairdresser and restyle your life.

Get The Right Equipment

Wikimedia Commons

The big benefit of working in a salon, of course, is that you get all the equipment you need provided for you. But when you work by yourself, you need to provide dyes, tongs, card machines, straighteners, curling irons and towels all by yourself.

Your clients probably won’t have the equipment you need to do your best work, and if they’re paying a significant amount of money, they'll expect you to provide it for them. What’s more, many clients will request unusual colors and dyes and treatments, which means that the range of products you need to have with you at any given time can be quite large.

It’s also a good idea to get professional equipment that allows you to take payments for your services after you’ve provided them, just as you would in a regular salon. You can find more information on the payment options available through resources like the NAB website. The key here is to ensure that your clients always have a way to pay, whether by cash, card or bank transfer.

Find Clients


According to All Top Startups, getting the customers you need to get the ball rolling as a mobile hairdresser is one of the hardest parts of the job. The first place to go is friends and family, utilizing their social media to make links with further clients. This helps with the initial phase of the business, spreading information about what you do by word of mouth. The next step is to get some business cards printed up and start getting your regular customers to pass them around to the people they know. Remember, your customers are ambassadors for your work, so every time they get a compliment about your haircuts, they can hand out a business card to a potential new client.

Further Marketing The third stage is to set up your own website with booking options once you’ve become more established. Getting found on Google for local searches should be a priority, as well as getting your business on Google My Business.


Optimizing your website so that people can easily find it can be a little technical, so usually it’s a good idea to invest some of the money you’ve earned into getting somebody else to do it. Find an SEO company who specializes in mobile hairdressing search engine optimization and use them to boost your visibility on Google. Don’t forget to regularly upload your work to social media sites like Instagram, with your customers’ permission of course, so that you can build an online portfolio and reputation.


Friday, November 11, 2016

Improve Your Home by Updating Your Backyard

If you’re like almost every single homeowner out there, you take serious pride in how your home looks. There’s more to the way your space looks than the furniture in your interior spaces and how clean you keep the place though.

The fact is that your outdoor space plays a major role in how people perceive your home. If you want to upgrade your place, you might be better off spending that money and time outside and instead of inside.

Keep reading to learn more about how you can improve your home by updating your backyard.

Work on Your Deck

Your deck is where you spend a great deal of time with friends and family as a homeowner. You probably also go out there to enjoy the sun or look at the stars every single day. So why doesn’t your deck get as much care as the floors inside your home?

From taking care of loose boards on the deck to updating the stain, your deck is a serious investment that you should care for. Without proper care, you may find that you need to replace your deck much more frequently than you should.

That’s a big expense that could have been avoided with more regular maintenance.

Flower Power

Flowers may not be your cup of tea all the time, but you don’t need a green thumb to be the type of homeowner that has a beautiful garden. That’s because most areas have natural plants that will grow well without much human intervention. Of course, if you do like gardening, you can grow almost anything you like.

Growing vegetables and fruit can also make a lot of sense and be rewarding for many homeowners. In general though, you’ll need to tend to these things regular, so you’ll need to commit to gardening.

Consider Water Features

There are a lot of landscape companies that offer Jacksonville backyard water features .that many homeowners love. You don’t have to struggle with picking them out and putting one in yourself though.

What you need is a full service contractor who can help you pick out the right water feature for your home. From modern to classical water features, these can really bring a whole new level of visual interest to your home and your backyard as a whole.


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Finding Your Renovation Expert

For many products and services, doing a quick Internet search can give you the information you need about service providers. When it comes to your home, finding a renovation expert shouldn't be left to who tops your search results. Instead you will want to understand what qualifies as an experienced renovation expert and how you can find the best ones for the job.

Online Services
The first place to look for an renovation expert is through online services that gather experienced, qualified contractors and present them with all their qualifications, expertise and local availability. These services can be helpful if you have never hired a contractor before or you have not been able to get recommendations from someone who has hired a professional before. Some of these services require a subscription, while many do not.

Word of Mouth
The best way to know how a contractor really treats their customers is by getting recommendations from friends and family. They will be able to tell you how the process went for them from beginning to end, including the estimate process and construction time.

The key to finding an expert through word of mouth is to talk to those who have your best interest in mind. They will be able to walk you through the process and give you sound advice to make your final hiring decision.

Research Qualifications The last way to know who to choose for your next renovation expert is to make sure that all of the qualifications they say they have are valid. Because renovation experts have to be insured and licensed for the work they do, you can check with state or local offices to see if their licensing is valid and up to date. This is a crucial step to take before you sign any contracts with a renovation expert so that you are protected should problems arise.

Renovating an area of your home is a great way to get the look and feel you really want while adding value to your property. Choosing the best of the bunch is key to having a great renovation experience. If you are ready to find your renovation expert, you can learn more here.


Third Year Super Typhoon Yolanda Commemoration!

"We Remember... We Share... We Stand Strong Together"

Yesterday mark the third year commemoration of super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan). There are some religious activities prepared on the said day. Unfortunately I was not able to attend the whole day event. But I am glad I was able to attend the Wreath Laying and blessing of the grave at the Surge of Hope where my older brother was burried together with hundred of casulties of the super typhoon. After I go with the procession to the town plaza though I opt not to attend the Wreath Laying in our public plaza where my niece was burried as I need to run some errands.

Grave blessing

Wreath Laying @ Surge of Hope

Its been three years yet there are times that the experiences on that day are still fresh. Well, there is no way that we can forget what happened to us in that Friday morning when the sea water reached our house and reached the cieling in a matter of seconds. 

My older brother and his family

Most of all we miss my older brother and his family who lost thier lives on the 8th of November 2013.