Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Taking Your Personal Development Seriously

Personal development is something everybody should be taking seriously, and yet only a small amount of people are doing it. Those who do take it seriously tend to excel in many areas of their lives, from their careers to their health and fitness. Be honest: have you been taking your personal development seriously? If not, now is the time to start. It’s never too late! Read on for some advice you can use when getting started on your self development journey:

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Take Stock Of Your Life And Your Habits The first thing you need to do is carefully take stock of your life and your habits, both good and bad. You need to know where to improve if you’re going to take your self development seriously. Here are some habits that people who begin working on their self development eliminate:

  • Snoozing their alarm
  •  Being a couch potato 
  • Complaining 
  • Scrolling social media all day long 
  • Staring at a screen for hours a day 

The list goes on. The above habits can be very detrimental to both physical and mental health, so figure out what yours are and begin work on them one by one.

Figure Out A Vision For The Rest Of Your Life

Having a vision for the rest of your life can help you to figure out what steps you have to take to get there. It can help to give you clarity and keep you focused. Not having a vision or goals can be dangerous, and you can end up meandering, not going any particular place. If you want to own your own business or end up in a position high up the ladder, you can look at mba programs online. Look at courses and classes you can take that will help you to move closer towards your vision for the future.

Find Books That Resonate With You

There are tons of books out there that could resonate with you, so take a look and see what you can pick up. Just be warned that reading self help books can be quite addictive!

Take Action

One important point to remember: many people on their self development journey end up reading book after book and not doing anything about it. You need to take action. What can you do today to help you work towards a healthier, happier, more successful version of yourself?

Learn From Others

Other people have done it before you, and people will do it after you. How can you learn from them? People like Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss and Gabrielle Bernstein have been there and done it. Don’t just look for the gurus, either: learn from people you work with, people you know, and people you meet in line at your coffee shop.

Break It Down Into Baby Steps

The one thing that stops most people from getting started is overwhelm. Feeling overwhelmed can cause paralysis, so break things down into baby steps. Baby steps are more manageable and realistic. Write down your baby steps, start taking them, and you’ll end up where and who you want to be.

Friday, August 3, 2018

How To Juggle Responsibilities As A New Mom

Many new moms struggle to find time to sleep, let alone take care of other responsibilities such as household chores or work. However, you can’t just put these other commitments on hold. Here are some ways in which you can juggle responsibilities as a new mom, ensuring that everything gets done at the end of each day.

Take advantage of the internet 

The internet is the perfect tool for getting things done as a mom. If doing a weekly food shop with your infant seems to epic a task right now, you can always get your groceries straight to your door. It’s also possible to make an income online – if maternity pay isn’t covering the bills, you can find lots of convenient ways to make money online such as selling clutter for cash or getting paid to complete online surveys.

You can even keep sight of your personal goals. If you really want to pursue higher education, you can always consider an online course such as this online criminology BA. This could allow you to study from home whilst being able to be there for your little one.

Invest in a sling

A baby sling can allow you to take your child with you, whilst having your hands free. If you need to clean the house and you don’t want to leave your baby in one location, putting your baby in a sling could allow you to move from room to room whilst keeping them by you at all times. Baby slings are also useful if you need to climb lots of stairs, walk the dog or negotiate a busy shop.

You can buy a baby sling online from many baby stores. It’s also possible to make your own improvised baby sling using a scarf.

Invest in a playpen

Once your infant starts crawling, it could be worth also getting a playpen. This is somewhere you can put your child without having to monitor them 24/7. You can then do household chores and possibly get on with work – it’s ideal if your child is now too big and heavy to be strapped to you in a sling.

Get a helping hand

No-one can manage parenthood entirely alone. For you convenience and for your sanity, you should find someone who can help babysit – this could allow you to get on with other responsibilities and focus all your attention on them, safe in the knowledge that someone else is looking after your infant.

 If you don’t have a partner to share parental duties with, you may still be able to get help from your family or friends, many of whom will be willing to help if you’re kind enough to ask (of course, you shouldn’t be dumping your children on them all the time). If these aren’t options, there are always babysitting services out there that you can rely on. If you’re financially struggling, you may be able to find coupons for babysitting services or even charities that can arrange childcare for you.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Nail Polish Haul

The boyfriend kept on complaining that he doesn't like the color of my nail polish everytime he saw my nails wearing green, purple, blue or any color that I feel wearing. And I always have the same lame reason for not wearing his favorite color, "I run out of red nail polish".

Few weeks ago, I decided to buy red nail polishes. He was happy when I showed it to him and said, now I don't have any reason not to wear his favorite color. However he knows I can be hard headed and I will use other colors if I want too.

Anyway, you will not see me wearing red nail polish 10 years ago. But now, I get to love too.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

5 Simple Ways To Be The Perfect Wedding Guest

Image Credit Pixabay 

If you have a wedding or two to attend this summer, then the chances are you want to create the best impression when your pals are saying their ‘I do’s.’ Celebrating with your nearest and dearest as they choose to commit their lives to one another is a privilege, and it’s important that you understand nuptials etiquette. It doesn’t matter whether this is the first wedding you are ever attending or whether you are a dab hand at this wedding day stuff, take a look at these simple ways to be a stellar guest.

Don’t Be Tardy

There should only be one person on the big day making a fashionably late entrance, and it certainly isn’t you. The bride has every right to take her time and make her partner sweat just a little before she makes her grand entrance. On the other hand, you need to be firmly in your seat with time to spare. There’s nothing worse than a tardy guest fumbling for their seat and entering a venue all flustered slap bang in the middle of the exchanging of rings. It’s not a good look so don’t do it.

Never Wear White

The bride has a monopoly on the purest of colors. Wearing white and being the only person at the wedding to do so is a bride’s prerogative. Instead, think about wearing one of the many on trend formal dresses on the market. Crimsons and blues are classy and timeless, whereas the brighter and more bold geometric prints are suitable for a summer wedding. Make note of any dress code and shop for your attire accordingly.

RSVP Quickly

If you want to bag a good seat at the wedding breakfast, make sure that you RSVP as fast as possible. Don’t leave it until the last minute to confirm your attendance as this will only stress out the happy couple and could lead to you being sat at a table on the sidelines along with the other late responders.

Give a Gift

Don’t be arrogant and assume that your attendance itself is the greatest gift of all. The bride and groom will have a wish list or may have even requested funds for their honeymoon or donations to their favorite animal or children’s charity. Whatever their gift of choice, make sure you contribute in some way.

Watch Your Alcohol Consumption

While we like to joke about seeing our friends getting a little tipsy and embarrassing themselves on the dancefloor, ensure that the person drinking too much isn’t you. As a perfect wedding guest, you should be mingling, making exciting conversation, showing off your dance moves while sober and remembering the happy day. Find yourself with a sore head and nausea the morning after, and you may reel from not remembering the events of the night before. Save your embarrassment and ensure that you remain lucid for the big day.

Being the perfect wedding guest simply means using your common sense, parking your ego at the door and keeping the wishes of the happy couple at the forefront of your mind. Follow this advice, and you will always be the perfect wedding guest.

New Polo Shirt

I was surprised when the little big tot asked me to buy him a new clothes for their aquitance party coming Friday. As far as I remember he doesn't care if he is wearing an old decent clothes when attending a school party such as aquintance party. So I asked him why he wants a new clothes. He answered " we ask the Grade 7 student for a photo opp". I was speechless for few minutes. And I end up asking my son if he admire someone. I was relieve when he said none. Hahaha..

Well, hence he is not asking for new clothes in a regular basis I granted his request. I got him a Lee Polo Shirt. He specifically request for a plain polo shirt since most of his clothes are stripe.

I showed it to him last night. He was happy when he saw it. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

3 Surefire Signs That Your Feline Loves You

If you are new to the world of cat ownership, then you may be worried by the tales of aloofness that your friends have been regaling you with. You wanted a pet to love and love you, to show you affection and to be your companion through life’s trials and tribulations. You selected a pet of the feline variety, but now you are concerned that you should have chosen man’s traditional best friend - the humble hound. Don’t worry, cats are just as affectionate and as loyal as their canine counterparts. The joy of owning a cat is that they also come with bags of attitude, feistiness, and independence. Take a look at these three surefire signs that show your feline loves you to bits.

Image Source from Pixabay

The Purring

Cats purr when they are happy and content. If you ever find yourself chilling on your sofa only to find your moggy pal kneading your stomach drooling and purring, you can feel happy in the knowledge that your cat is at his or her most comfortable. Often cats will lift up their heads to expose their chin encouraging you to give them a massage or stroke. The most contented cats won’t simply sit on their owner’s lap, but they will writhe on their back next to their human friend and expose their belly. This is when your feline is at his or her most vulnerable, so they are demonstrating that they trust you implicitly.

Your Cat Turns Into A Limpet

It doesn’t matter where you are in the house or what you are doing within your four walls, your kitty will want to be doing it with you. They will attach themselves to your calf, rub their cheeks all over you and claim you for their own secreting their scent all over you. If you head to the toilet, they’ll be scratching on the door and wailing as if you’ve left them forever. If you are eating dinner at the kitchen table, your purr-fect pal may leap up next to your plate and circle your meal eagerly waiting for you to take your last bite. You can forget reading a book or surfing the web on your laptop; your feline friend will be nuzzling and headbutting you so hard that he or she won’t rest until you provide them with your undivided attention.

Image Source Pixabay 

They Find The Most Ridiculous Spots In The House

You can tell your cat loves you and their forever home when they have a series of spots within the house where they can rest their constantly sleepy head. You may find them in the laundry basket, on top of a wardrobe or in the bathtub. These hilarious encounters may be charming, but you also need to ensure that your humble abode is as hazard free as possible so they can enjoy every inch of their dwelling. House Method's pet safety tips will enable you to pet-proof your home so your feline companion won’t have to encounter any dangers within your four walls. There’s nothing better than venturing downstairs in the morning and spying your moggy lolloping on the mantelpiece before leaping down for chin rubs and a play before breakfast.

Owning a cat isn’t simply taking a new lodger albeit furry and four-legged. A cat is a joy to be around, they will enrich your life and provide you with more love than you ever thought possible

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Tips For Squatting Properly

Squats are one of the best exercises that you can perform. They not only work out your butt muscles, they also work out your legs and core. You can get a lot of benefits from adding squats into your exercise routine. There are many ways in which to perform a squat exercise. However, the most important thing to remember is to do them properly. If you do not, you could end up not getting the results you want or hurting yourself. If you need help with your form, there are many devices that can help you perform perfect squats each time such as the SmartSquat device found online at

Hip Hinge

A lot of people fail to do their squats properly. Not only will this lead to an ineffective squat, it can also put too much strain on your knees and other joints. Doing a proper squat takes a few things to make happen such as proper balance, hip flexibility and a hip hinge. To do this properly, make sure that you hinge your hips back to where your butt will move back and down during each squat. Doing this will help keep your knees from protruding past your toes.

Shoulder Back And Chest Out

Another tip to remember when trying to perform a good squat is that you need to keep your chest out and your shoulders pushed back. This is to ensure your spine is properly aligned while you are doing the exercise. When you keep these two things in mind, your back will keep its natural curve. This is the safest way to keep your back from getting injured. Rounding your shoulders and letting your chest sink in while you are performing squats will ultimately throw off your spinal alignment.
These are just a couple of the many things you can do while squatting. The key to a good squat lies in proper form and execution. There are different versions of squats and mixing up the different kinds will give you a great workout. Squatting will give your whole body many benefits.