Wednesday, September 17, 2014

We'd Love To Visit Them

One of my niece will celebrate her birthday this month. My son has been bugging me to visit them on her cousin's birthday. There is no problem about visiting my sister's family the only problem is I dont have much extra money at this moment. Moreso that I have to save for next months contribution because of the school Foundation Day. I know my son will be unhappy as soon asbI tell him we cannot be at his cousins birthday. How I will they are living near us. Anyway, maybe we can visit them during sembreak. Hopefully, I am okay financially then.


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Branding a Business with Domain Name Registration

Making a name (brand) known to customers is part of the branding mantra of online business. In comparison to real estate’s often-quoted priority: “Location. Location. Location,” online business gurus and experts stress the affirmation of branding. For most online ventures, branding starts with the domain name

Domain name registration is not about difficulty or ease. Registering domain names involves availability. For every novel concept or innovative idea, most probably someone with a similar idea or concept has entered the fray and hurriedly registered the domain name with the suffix .com, .net, .biz or even .org at its end. Thus, others with similar names are left in the shadow of the originator of the domain name. Much like the patent is to the inventor or the copyright is to the writer, domain names are the hallmark for identifying legal rights for ownership and usage. In many cases, if the domain name sought is already taken, online entrepreneurs and business leaders are forced to return to the drawing board to brainstorm and identify other potential domain names.

There is little guesswork to domain name registration. Essentially, much like naming a business, the domain name serves as an Internet moniker for the business or venture and relates directly to the brand image of the business itself. In most cases, domain names should correlate to the business name, even if the two are not identical, so that customers will come to recognize and associated the two together. Domain names help with the branding process. Domain names help business develop name and brand recognition online as well as through offline promotions and marketing, even advertising.

Registering a domain name requires some thought. Identifying a domain name that both fits a business and its culture as well as stands out from the competition is a good guideline. Oftentimes, businesses will utilize a tagline or key catch phrase that describes the business rather than the name of the business itself. This helps potential customers associate the website with the services or products that the business actually provides to the public. In the branding process, such domain names may utilize a play on words or intricate wording to stand out from the competition vying for the eyes of customers.

A domain registration or web hosting website is typically used for registering a domain name. An example of a site that offers domain name registration services is


Eyeing For A New Laptop

I lost my netbook of three years during typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan). I was carrying it in a large bag together with my other gadget when I opt to take off the bag on my shoulder since it is giving a hard time climbing in our roof. And also, its is all wet of sea water. I don't believe it can be fix still. As of now I am only using my phone to blog. I hope I can buy a new laptop or perhaps another netbook so I can comfortably work on my thing online. This dream seemed difficult to find as blogging earning is not good anymore.


Sunday, August 31, 2014

Barely New But Broken

My nephew told me that thier school principal is planning to organize the school band. So I asked my nephew if they are going to buy new drum as I don't want to buy another drum because the drum I bought was barely new before the school were damage by typhoon Haiyan. Anyway, if you know someone who is musically inclined andbis searching for musical instrument or parts. My recent find will surely a good site to visit. Check orvvisit website for more information.


Monday, August 11, 2014

What A Hot Monday

I am suppose to go somewhere earlier today but the sourging heat of the sun made me stay inside the house. I don't think I can go somewhere and walk for few minutes and wait for another few minutes to get ride. The heat is simply hurting my skin. One more reason why I dont go out in times like this is because I am avoiding to get more tan. I must admit I am tanner now compared before the typhoon hit our town. Anyway, I will go out later to fetch the little one in school. I shall ask his teacher if they rehearsal tomorrow. And if so, I need to know the time.


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Finding the Toolbox that is the Right Fit

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A Toolbox to Suit Every Purpose
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Consider Your Options
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Friday, July 25, 2014


So I am given another task to work on for this blog. I admit my earning for the past couple of months is not good compared to my earning before but I am still thankful to the provider HE continue to blessed me. I do hope that earninh will get better as I plan to update my blog in a regular basis. I know I already promised countless of times already but this time I aim to do it. On the other hand, I am working hard writing article in another writing hub. Hopefully I can reach the minimum payout before the end of the month.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New Business Establishment

Eight months after my super typhoon Haiyan brought damage to my beloved town I noticed that there are new business establishments are starting operating. Most of it is restaubars, too bad I havent visited any of it but hopefully soon. I also saw few stores that sell school school and office supplies. I havent seen any store for wholesale jewelry, just yet. Oh well, perhaps I will see one if the plan of building a mall in town will push through. For now, I shall be happy that ny towm is already recovering so as the people after a horible experience.